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Social headquarters:

Avenue des Constellations 44
B-1200 Woluwe-Saint-Lambert

Complementary establishment unit:

Drève des Bouleaux 24
7090 Braine-le-Comte

Phone : +32 495 28 25 27 (Mehdi VAN NUIJS)
Phone : +32 487 15 50 00 (Bernard NICOLA)
E-mail : info@placingmed.com
Company number : 0655.833.529

Privacy and GDPR information:

PlacingMed srl is committed to processing your personal data transparently and in accordance with the GDPR. Below you will find the details of the data we process and their purpose.

Who collects your data?

PlacingMed srl
34E Titu Maiorescu street
Pipera, Ilfov
Phone : +32 495 28 25 27 (Mehdi VAN NUIJS)
E-mail : info@placingmed.com
Company number: 0655.833.529

The person responsible for the operation of personal data for PlacingMed srl is Mr. Mehdi van nuijs (mvannuijs@placingmed.com)

The private data managed by PlacingMed srl is relatively limited:

  • Name and surname of the contact person
  • Email address of the contact person
  • Direct telephone number of the contact person
  • Phone, mobile or Skype or WhatsApp account of the contact person

This data is used only in the context of the relationship with the customer, for the following purposes:

  • Transmission of commercial documents (quote, order, delivery, invoice)
  • Communication for an ongoing file
  • Technical information
  • Newsletter
  • Invitations to events
  • Communication of this information to subcontractors/partners who must intervene expressly on a client file
  • Data is stored in our system, without a defined end date. If the customer wishes to use his right to rectification or forgetting, he can do so through the form below.

If the personal data is closely related to an invoice issued, PlacingMed srl will keep its data for a period that will be in accordance with the Belgian/Romanian legal accounting period in force on the date of the request.

The customer can request an inventory of personal data from PlacingMed srl at any time by:


Management of private customer data

What are your rights?

Under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you have the right to request the deletion of your private data from the various management tools of PlacingMed srl. Simply make your request using the form below.